Grade 5/6 and 6

May 7, 2019

Most classes are finished their dance units - there are few classes that have a couple students that still need to do their final performances. We're going back to MUSIC! Please make sure you have whatever applies to you and your instrument:
 - instrument
 - mouthpiece
 - band music
 - money to buy new reeds

As promised, you will have two full classes of playing and then we will have our (hopefully final) playing tests of the year (which I first put in the blog on February 13, and certainly mentioned in class several times) The dates are posted below...

5/6 Fried: May 13
6 Nattrass: May 23 (date changed due to two funerals on Friday... sorry.)
6 Rubinoff: May 15 (if Track and field is rained out... if it isn't, the test will be on May 22)

*Remember, if you need to do you playing test in private, please come before or after school (or recess) before your assigned test date.


April 24, 2019

We're finishing up the last of our dance unit over the next few days (Ms. Fried's class is already done). Once you've finished with dance, we'll go back to instruments. As posted on February 13, you'll have another playing test shortly after we return to instruments. (I hope you've been practicing!) 

Just in case you've forgotten what the next playing test is, I'll post it here  (again)...

Option 1: Song 31(for those who are new to their instruments)
Option 2: Song 90 (for those who would like more of a challenge, or played their instruments last year)

Option 3: Band songs (for students who have opted to join band - see me for appropriate bars for a playing test)


Final Dance presentations:

Fried: April 18, 2019 (grade 5 - Rondo, grade 6 - themes found in literature)
Nattrass: May 1, 2019
Rubinoff: April 24, 2019


Mirroring presentations:

Fried: April 1, 2019
Nattrass: April 3, 2019
Rubinoff: April 5, 2019

March 18, 2019

We've started our dance unit...  our first assignment is:

Pose to the Beat - Grade 6 - symmetrical vs. asymmetrical
Pose to the Beat - Grade 5 - school scenarios

The due dates are posted below:

Fried: March 25, 2019 (early presentations on March 21)
Nattrass: March 27, 2019 (early presentations on March 20) (date changed due to X Movement)
Rubinoff: March 29, 2019 (early presentations on March  25) (dates were changed on the 22nd due to class vote)

March 18, 2019

Now that we're back from March break, we are beginning our dance unit. Students will have several shorter assignments that they will be assessed on. The due dates tend to be quick, but they will all be discussed with the classes and posted on the blog as well as on their homework board.

Students are reminded that they are still expected to be practicing their instruments even though we're on a break from music class.The music room is still open at recess, and will remain open throughout the dance unit. Please feel free to take advantage and get help if you need it. There will be a playing test shortly after we return to instruments. (See post from February 13.)


February 28, 2019

Congratulations to the 5/6 class who have officially made it through the 57 songs in the Essential Elements book that was our goal for the year!

Next class they will be starting band music! 

I'm so proud of all your hard work this year! I hope you're proud of yourselves!


February 13, 2019

All classes are working at their own pace through the Essential Elements 2000 books. We will continue to play instruments until March break. Upon return from March break, we will be doing our term two dance unit. Once dance is finished, we will be playing instruments for most of the rest of the year. Students are expected to continue practicing (either in my room at recess, or at home, or both) even while we are doing dance. Students have already been informed as to what their next playing test will be, however the test will not take place until after our dance unit (hopefully this will help motivate students to keep practicing.)

Just in case you've forgotten what the next playing test is, I'll post it here...

Option 1: Song 31(for those who are new to their instruments)
Option 2: Song 90 (for those who would like more of a challenge, or played their instruments last year)
Option 3: Band songs (for students who have opted to join band - see me for appropriate bars for a playing test)


January 15, 2019

Here are the dates for your playing tests, as discussed in class:

Fried: January 29, 2019
Nattrass: February 8, 2019
Rubinoff: January 30, 2019


January 8, 2019

The two classes that have started are moving like lightning! Way to go! I know a lot of you are practicing at home, and that's fantastic! There will be a playing test, so for those of you that are working ahead, feel free to work on your test pieces...

Grade 5's - Song 14

Grade 6's new to their instruments - Song 14

Grade 6's who played the same instrument last year - Song 42

* as always, if you need to do your test in private, please come before your test date. Before or after school works best.
January 7, 2019

The sign up sheet for band has been printed! If you're thinking about joining the band, please see me to sign up. We will rehearse on Day 3's at lunch time. Band is really geared towards grade 7 and 8 students who are more familiar with their instruments, but it is a great learning opportunity for those students who are looking for an extra musical challenge.

Our first official band practice of the year will be on Thursday, January 24. 

We're going to start off with the Bb concert scale, and then try to sight-read our way through all the pieces.

The music has been ready since last June... please see me if you need music and haven't received it yet.


December 6, 2018

Our dance presentations are done!

We are moving on to INSTRUMENTS! (yay!) Please make sure that you bring your instrument, mouthpiece and/or money to buy a new one if that's the route you're going. Be prepared! We're starting next class!

Remember... one cannot learn an instrument well if you're only playing it twice per week (not to mention breaking for two months over the summer, a month for dance in term two and the written unit/dance unit for term one...) Please make sure you are taking your instrument/mouthpiece home and playing it outside of the school day. Regular practice is your music homework.

If you need any help, please don't hesitate to come in at recess... as long as you're prepared to work, I'm prepared to help.


November 7, 2018
I would like to order the mouthpieces, reeds and drum sticks soon, to ensure that they are here in time for the start of instruments for the beginning of December. If you are planning on ordering through the school, please make sure your order is placed before NOVEMBER 16, 2018.


November 2, 2018

All students have been assigned an instrument and letters went home earlier this week. We have begun discussing the dance assignment in all classes. Starting next week, the room will be transformed into our dance space for term one. Our various dance units will go for the entire month of November with presentations taking place during the first week of December. Please make sure you have appropriate footwear, as dancing in boots is not ideal.

We are aiming to begin instruments during the last two weeks of December. If you are planning on renting an instrument, please make sure that you have it at school for your first music class after your dance presentations. If you are purchasing a mouthpiece, please do so ASAP, as sometimes it can take a while for the orders to come in.

If all goes according to plan, presentations will take place on the following dates:

Fried: December 3
Nattrass: December 5
Rubinoff: December 4


October 24, 2018

Once we're finished with with the Notation unit, we will use the next few classes to discuss instruments. I will be showing the students all the instrument choices and discussing with them the various challenges that each of them pose. Once students have learned about all of the instruments available, they will write down their top three choices and I will decide what instrument they are going to play.

I make my decision based on their choice, the other students choices, how they did on their notation test, the challenges the instrument poses, and what kind of student they have shown me that they are up until now (and other things such as size, instrument availability, maintaining a balance of instruments, etc....) Students will be playing these instruments until they leave Bakersfield (and hopefully continuing in high school), and I don't take this decision lightly. You will receive a letter in the beginning of November regarding instruments which will officially begin in January. (Although if possible, we would like to try to begin in the last two weeks of December... we'll have to see how our dance unit goes. So far, we've been ahead of where we were at this time last year.) 😊

After the instrument lessons, we move on to our first dance unit of the year.

I am in the process of making the dance groups for each class. Students are welcome to come in at recess or before or after school to help or give constructive suggestions.


As discussed and voted on in class, I am estimating that the written test for this unit will take place on the following dates:

5/6 Fried: October 15, 2018 the date was changed due to a field trip. The class voted to have the test earlier.
6 Rubinoff: October 19, 2018
6 Nattrass: October 17, 2018


September 13, 2018

Below are links to some websites to help students better understand note and rest values.
Re-create the rhythm:

More rhythmic dictation:

As you know, we have been working on reading notes on the staff. Below are some links that may help you practice at home. Enjoy!


Long Term Schedule:
  • September - beginning of November: Notation
  • November - December: Group Dances
  • January - March Break: playing instruments
  • March Break - May: elements of dance
  • May - June: playing instruments