Grade 3

May 16, 2019

We are continuing to work on our performance for Spring Symphony. Today, we videoed ourselves and watched it back so that we can see what we need to improve on. (Don't worry... the video was deleted!)

Recently, we've been singing lots of different songs, including: Garden Song, I'm Lucky There's a Sun, Chicken Lips and The Biplane Evermore. Next time I see the class, (in two weeks, because next week they miss music due to EQAO) we're going to try to sing a song about the alphabet.


April 9, 2019

Here is a picture of what we drew on the board today to help us hear which way pitches are moving. Are they getting higher, getting lower, or staying the same?

Most students did better on this quiz than the last one.... Something must be sinking in!

Next time I see the class, I'm hoping that we can begin work on a new song. (I was outvoted today! - most of the class wanted to work on our Spring Symphony act)


April 2, 2019

We're continuing to work on our pitch unit. Today we were focusing on what direction notes were moving - moving up (going higher) or moving down (going lower). We used the analogy of a person on a hill... as the notes go higher, the person climbs up the hill. As the notes go lower, the person is going down the hill. Don't panic if you didn't do well on the pitch quiz today. We'll keep working on it! And remember, there are other ways to show me that you understand what we're doing... by singing in class, answering and asking questions, showing that you understand our Spring Symphony activity...(to name a few)

Speaking of Spring Symphony - we had another run at what we're going to be performing today. We're going to be changing roles each week until everyone has tried most of the options. Once everyone has tried most things, we will assign permanent roles that students will then be able to practice.

By the way, in case you didn't know... Spring Symphony is set to take place on June 13th... Mark your calendars!


March 26, 2019

Today we learned about changing pitches and repeated pitches. We had to listen carefully to see if the sounds were the same, or different.

We had a first run at what we're going to be doing for Spring Symphony. We will continue to practice this each class. I think it's going to be great!


March  20, 2019

Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a great March break!

Yesterday, we started our new unit on Pitch. We learned about how size can have an affect on how high or low a note sounds. All students got to try two different instruments; boomwhackers and the xylophone. We noticed that the larger the instruments were, the lower it sounded, and smaller the instruments were, the higher they sounded.

In addition, we also started talking about what we're going to be doing for Spring Symphony (which is set to take place on June 13th)


February 19, 2019

We (FINALLY) finished our unit on Beats and Rhythm. As promised, there were three written assignments that went along with unit. Parents/guardians have been emailed if their child has any incomplete work. If you received an email, please remind your child to come in at recess or lunch to get their work done. Ms. Koshy has been informed as well, however as I only see this class for one period a week, we could use your support in helping kids remember.

Next class we will have a review class (February 26), and the following class will be the test (March 4)

There are several games posted on my blog to help students study, in addition to reviewing their notes - all students have received a copy of all the material.

As always, my room is open at most recesses if students need any help.


February 4, 2019

Today we started learning about counting rhythms. Next class, we will review and then begin our final assignment for this unit. Students are encouraged to practice at home. They were given back their "Duration" and "Musical Math" assignments today. They could try adding the counts to the compositions that they did for the "Duration" assignment. Or creating more of their own rhythms, and then adding the counts, as we did in class today.

Below is a picture of some of what we worked on in class. A few students asked if I could post it to the blog... I hope it helps.


January 10, 2019

Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a wonderful/restful/exciting break!

Today, we have moved on to a new assignment called "Duration". Students are using the various notes and rests that they have learned to write their own music. They had part of today's class to work on it, and will have most of our next class to finish it. I'm hoping that two classes will be enough time for everyone to finish.

As always, students who are struggling with any of the concepts, are encouraged to come in at recess for extra help.


December 6, 2018

Today we continued our work on "Musical Math". Students will be given one final class next week to finish the assignment. If students do not finish by the end of next class, parents should expect an email from me letting them know. This email will indicate that your child is encouraged to come in at recess to complete the work, as no more class time can be allocated. If you don't get an email, everything's great!

As always, students who are struggling with any of the concepts taught, are encouraged to come in at recess for extra help.

November 29, 2018

We are well into our Beats and Rhythm unit. We have made it up to the slide called "Notes and Rests" and went over it in GREAT detail. Students are strongly encouraged to be very familiar with all notes and rests on this chart. As such, a larger version was given out today for students to keep at home so they can practice. As mentioned last week, there are several games on the blog to help students practice.

Today we started a worksheet called "Musical Math". The point of this sheet is to help familiarise the students with the various notes and rests. It will not go home until all students have completed it. If students are struggling with any of the concepts, as always, they are encouraged to come in at recess for extra help.


November 21, 2018

The Dynamics written test has been returned. They are in the students music folders. Students were told about the singing test which is set to take place next week. I was blown away by all the students that wanted to present early. Most students volunteered to do their performance today! Way to go! The two students who were away/didn't perform today will present next class.

We started a new unit on Beats and Rhythm. Students have all been given handouts - again, they are in their folders. Students are strongly encouraged to memorize the slide that is called "Notes and Rests". A larger study sheet will be given next class.

There are three games on the blog to help students memorize their note and rest values.


November 14, 2018

The written test for Dynamics is done!

Next class we will begin our next unit on Beats and Rhythm as well as work on our performances for One Tin Soldier. If students want to perform early, they will be able to do so next class, however the official date for the performance evaluation will be November 29.

Students are encouraged to start reviewing notes and rests that they have learned in grade 1 and 2. (whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and rests) There are already several games on the blog to help.


November 7, 2018

We took up the crossword puzzle today, and played two review games to help us study for the test. The written test is next class (November 14). It's officially time to start reviewing. By this point in time, students should know exactly what they need to review (Italian terms, English meanings and corresponding symbols). If they are unsure, or want extra help, my room is almost always available at morning and lunch recess.


October 31, 2018

Students were given time in class today to work on the crossword puzzle to help them study for their Dynamics test (which will take place on November 14). If the crossword puzzle was not finished in class, it is homework that is due on November 7. Students should use the study sheet to help them answer the questions.

Written test: November 14
Crossword due: November 7

My room is available at morning and lunch recess for students to practice, study or get extra help.


October 24, 2018

Okay Koshy-ites! We have officially finished all the material for our Dynamics unit. We've learned about dynamics, we've listened to examples of them and we've sung them ourselves. Now it's up to you to memorize it! I've already gone over with the class EXACTLY what will be on the test. There should be no surprises. Please find a study sheet as well as a crossword puzzle in your duotangs to help you study. (and a special thank you to the two students who stayed to help put them in!) You can also find three different activities on my blog (on the right hand side) to help you review.

The next few classes we are going to be studying/reviewing the terms and symbols. We will discuss next class (on October 31) when our test is going to be... I'm guessing your written test will be on November 14, giving us two whole classes of practice activities.

My room is still available at recess for any students who want extra help.


October 16, 2018

It's been great to see so many students coming in at recess to study the stuff we've been learning in class. It's good to stay on top of the material, so that when the time does come for the test, you don't have too much work to do!

Keep practicing your "One Tin Soldier". As discussed in class, this will be a performance test (dates have not been discussed yet, so don't start panicking!) and we are hoping to perform it for our Remembrance Day assembly (which will most likely take place on Friday, November 9th).


October 9, 2018

I found this new website where I can create music games for you... Let's see if this works...

New Game!!


October 2, 2018

Hey Ms. Koshy's class! As you know, our unit on Dynamics and Expression is well underway. Don't worry if your class is moving slower than the other classes. Keep in mind that I only see you once per week, but I see everyone else twice a week. (We'll catch up to them when they have to take a break to do dance, but we keep doing music.)

There will be a written test as well as a performance that will be evaluated for this unit. If you're struggling with any of the concepts, you should be reviewing your notes that you've been taking in class. Also, please feel free to come in at recess if you need help with anything that you're not understanding. A few kids have been coming in everyday and are forming a bit of a study group with the help of some grade 7 students. All are welcome!

Click below for a game to help you study some of the terms that were taught/will be taught in this unit. (Be aware that there are a couple terms that will not be taught, but it doesn't hurt to learn new things!)

Dynamics and Expression game


Units of Study:
  • Dynamics
  • Beats and Rhythm
  • Pitch
  • Music and Art
  • Instrument Families